Seychelles, an African country, is full of beautiful islands in the fine waters of the Indian Ocean in East Africa. The country’s capital is Victoria and it’s a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth Nations, and African Union.

Seychelles’ official language is English with French and Seychellois Creole (National language). The country is famous for vacation, honeymoon spot aside from this. It has beautiful nature and is rich in culture. The country’s culture is a mix of French, British and African cultures.

There are many places to visit in Seychelles, from the warm waters to the wildlife, praslin island, and the local markets. Popular things to do in Seychelles include hiking on the mountains, enjoying the beautiful beaches, rock climbing, and eating the sweet Créole cuisine.

The popular drinks in Seychellois include lemon mixture with mint, kala, which is then fermented coconut juice, Boca, the fermented sugar cane juice with tea, and coffee drinks.

Seychelles national foods is a mixture of French, Indian, Chinese, and English foods, but French was the first country to influence Seychelles cuisine.

Popular foods in Seychelles include Poison Ek Diri, rice with fish, Bourgeois, Chutney, Bringel with a bowl of fruit in each order.

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