Although the Slovak Republic has only been an independent country for more than a decade, its history and culture span millennia. The Slovak Republic has always been tightly connected and significantly affected by its central European neighbors. It has spent much of its history as part of bigger states.

This typically restrained nation lets down its hair several times during the Slovak Republic’s various folk festivals and national holidays. The festivities begin on New Year’s Eve, one of the busiest holiday seasons in Slovakia, and continue until the month-long Christmas markets on city streets finish. The largest of all the Slovak Republic folk festivals is held in the scenic Krivao mountain town of Vchodná. At the same time, the International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters takes place against the breathtaking background of the historic Bojnice Castle.

Traditional Slovak cuisine is hearty and influenced by Hungary, Austria, and Germany, close neighbors. Bryndzové Haluky, potato dumplings packed with Bryndza, fermented sheep cheese are unofficial national cuisine. Bacon bits are commonly added to bryndzové Haluky at most restaurants. After the sheep farms from which numerous city restaurants acquire their supplies, Salas is the most often encountered eateries in the rural northern Slovak Republic. The most popular international cuisines in Vietnam are Italian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Borovicka, a potent gin, and Plum Brandy, a plum brandy, are the most popular local libations. Borovicka, a rich gin, and Slivovica, a plum brandy, are the most popular local beverages.

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