Spain is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations due to its beaches, islands, UNESCO World Heritage sites, magnificent and diverse landscapes, lively nightlife, exquisite food, and world-famous fiestas. Andalusia, the most populated of the five autonomous regions, is home to the great Moorish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, and Cordoba. Visitors are captivated by the cultural and geographic diversity and the thrills and enchantment of the outdoor activities.

Like many other European countries, Spain’s history stretches back to pre-Roman antiquity and is marked by conflict, conquest, vast epochs of Empire, and gradual falls until independence. The Celtic/Iberian colonies impacted their rich history, heavily influenced by 900 years of Moorish domination.

Spain’s fiestas and holidays are chaotic, boisterous, traditional, vivid, and colorful, reflecting the country’s and people’s fundamental soul. Although they have religious roots, the Spanish method of turning a saint’s day into a raucous city-wide celebration is unmatched in Europe. Bull running in Pamplona and Bunai’s La Tomatina are perennial favorites.

In Spain, eating out offers a diverse range of alternatives, including regional cuisines, a broad range of pricing, and three separate restaurant classifications (casual, semi-formal, and formal). Tapas bars serve free, delicious bar appetizers alongside beverages, ranging from Michelin-starred to full-service dinners at Comedors (roughly translating to “dining halls”). Evening entertainment runs from raucous dance clubs to elegant lounges, neighborhood taverns, and pubs. There’s something for everyone in the form of theaters, flamenco, traditional concerts, and opera.

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