Timor-Leste is a southwest Asian country that flies way under the radar on the tourism scene. Also known as East Timor, this is a country previously under Portuguese control on the island of Timor. 

With the island being a peninsula, the biggest attraction is the ocean and the opportunities that come with it. The coral reefs and scuba diving that can be done off of the coast of Timor-Leste is some of the best in the entire region. With crystal clear water and gorgeous coastline, this is a very underrated location. 

Dili is the capital and is a good place to start your trip. From here, you can branch out and get to know this unique culture. The Nino Konis Santana National Park is a great destination to see the more natural side of things. A lot of this country’s identity is the beach life, so to experience the culture, that is where to go. 

To take part in the local fun, May 20 is Independence Restoration Day, and November 28 is Independence Day, so the entire country joins together for fun on those days. Those are also the perfect times to eat Ai Manas, one of the most known Timorese dishes out there.

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