Although Turkmenistan is mostly under people’s radar, tourism in the country has increased over the years. There are three World Heritage Sites in the country. At the heart of its attraction sites is Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan. This city’s special places are the Arch of Neutrality, many Lenin statues, Independence Square, gardens, mosques, and galleries. 

Besides the capital, the majority of the country’s other attractions are situated around the edges of the desert. Some of the legacies of these places make up the World Heritage Sites.

Although the ex-Soviet Union has some magnificent sites for visitors, the autocratic rule and repressive regime have made the country turn off potential tourists. However, those who have braved the odds and gone there will describe what it feels like to bathe in the underground lake in Bakharden, climb the cool climes of Chuli Valley, swim in the Caspian Sea at Turkmenbashi, and even take a tour of the famous Silk Road.

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