United Arab Emirates

Popularly called ‘the Emirates,’ the United Arab Emirates is located in Western Asia at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE is formed from a federation of seven emirates governed by an elective monarchy.

Being almost entirely covered in desert, the Emirates is home to the famous six Al Ain Oasis, the Bida Bint Saud, the Hili Archaeological Park, and the Jebel Hafeet tombs, which are all UNESCO world heritage sites. Other notable heritage sites, many of which are on the UNESCO tentative list, are the Gate to the Trucial States, the Cemetery and Settlement of Umm An-Nar Island, and several others.

The United Arab Emirates (primarily its city Dubai) is known for being one of the most popular hubs globally. It offers a wide range of traditional cuisines and dishes for its visitors, citizens, and residents. Among these Emirati delicacies are the famous Shawarma, the Fattoush, Falafels, the Fattesh, and lots others. Popular beverages are the Gahwa, Sulaimani, the Karak Chai, Laban, and the Jallab.

Other than being rich in culture and sophistication, the UAE is also one of the most congenial nations globally. Host to festivals such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it’s one of the most desired stops for tourists.

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