Located off the southwestern Pacific Ocean alongside multiple other islands 500 miles west of Fiji, Vanuatu offers waterfalls, jungles, cultural experiences, tropical weather, and fun for all to enjoy. Known for its offering of relaxation, Vanuatu also has plenty of opportunities for adventure. While there is no exact bad time to visit Vanuatu, the best time to consider is between April to August. While on the island, visit famous volcanoes, including Mount Yasur. The volcano is active but accessible. Ensure to keep a lookout for the warning sides while capturing nature from a new point of view. Explore Espiritu Santo, famously known for its white-sand beaches, tribal communities, and blue water. From ziplining to swimming with turtles, there is a fun activity for every day.

Taste Vanuatu’s traditional cuisine that is immersed with taro, yams, seafood, coconuts, and bananas. If visiting Vanuatu in the summer, stay around for Fête de la Musique that occurs on June 21st. On this day, performances from professionals and local artists venture into the cities and perform for spectators.

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