Venezuela is a country in South America located on the continent’s northern coast and bordered by Colombia, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Trinidad, Tobago, and Guyana. It is a developing country with an estimated population of 28 million. Venezuela is famous for having the world’s highest waterfall, the world’s largest known oil reserve, and being one of the leading oil exporters globally. 

There are three World Heritage Sites in Venezuela protected by UNESCO because of their significance to the human race. These Sites include The Port and City of Coro, Canaima National Park, and the University City of Caracas. The world heritage sites serve as an attraction to tourists and many other sites like Angel Falls, Los Roques Archipelago, Isla de Margarita, Parque Nacional Morrocoy, and Canaima National Park.

Venezuela is mainly a Catholic country due to the majority of its population following that faith. The festivals in the country are not limited to just religious the religious aspect but extend to the traditional parts of the country. Some of these festivals inclue Festival de Virgen de Coromoto, Fiesta de San Juan, Carupano Carnaval, and El Dia de San Jose.

Local cuisines and beverages like Arepas, Cachitos, Mandoca, Perico, Pasticho, Cocado, Tizana, and Quesillo are some of the best traditional dishes full of fascinating tastes and flavours.

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