Especially to western tourists, Vietnam is not necessarily seen as a top destination. However, this is a beautiful country that has a ton to offer to visitors. With Thailand to the west and the South China Sea to the east, not many other countries in the area have as much coastline as Vietnam does. 

Although this country has been through a lot culturally and politically in the last century, the renaissance of tourism is working its magic. 

With pristine beaches, interesting rice terraces, and so much more, there is plenty to see on the countryside, beachside, and cities alike. If you have to start with one location, Hanoi is the best starting point. This brings great architecture, rich culture, and a hustle and bustle that frequents Asia. 

Vietnamese food is also a must-try when in the country. Dishes like Pho and Cha ca are staples of the culture in Vietnam. So, exploring the natural and man-made features is a great way to spend time in Vietnam. 

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