Government calls on Americans to boost stakes

The government has called on American investors to ramp up their investment, particularly in the sectors which are regarded as the world’s new investment trend and in industries that can reduce global warming.

Speaking after a virtual conference with 400 investors from the US led by American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (Amcham Thailand) chairman Gregory Wong, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday urged US investors to speed up investing more, particularly in the areas of clean energy; industries which can reduce global warming; digital technology; research and development; medical and tourism, electric vehicles; and bio-, circular and green (BCG) economy.

According to the premier, many members of Amcham are keen to invest in sectors which can support Thailand rehabilitating the economy affected by the pandemic.

“Those US investors who have already invested about US$50 billion in Thailand said they are interested in expanding their investment and businesses in Thailand next year,” said Gen Prayut.

The prime minister also urged US investors to tap more into Thailand as a gateway to neighbouring countries, both in terms of trade and investment.

Gen Prayut told the US investors that the Thai government has already implemented several key infrastructure projects to facilitate investment, such as infrastructure for digital technology and infrastructure for e-commerce, or the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) which has been designated as a location for investment in new targeted industries.

The government also pledged to develop new economic zones to draw more investment and improve existing laws and regulations to facilitate the investment.

Mr Wong said the US private sector remains confident in Thailand’s potential and that US businesses are ready to work together with the Thai government in order to develop the country as the hub of the Asean region.

Source: Einnews

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