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One year membership to Virtual Travel includes:
  • Free drape booth stand 5ft x 10ft at the live exhibition World of Travel, Trade & Taste in Miami 2022 (value of 1,980 USD).
  • Access to virtual online digital marketplace for 12 months to connect with global travel & trade industry
  • Comprehensive platform with many features to keep you and new clients updated of your services and latest offers.
  • Company profile page to connect with other members via email, chat messaging and live video on
  • Upload and provide offers, news and media including photos of your company and country offerings.
  • Pre-scheduled appointment calendar for the exhibition
  • Access to the virtual exhibition
  • Access to the virtual floorplan
  • Access to the virtual exhibitor booths

The price for membership is $950.00 per Year. Customers in FL will be charged 7.7% tax.

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