Motorsport activities attract adventure-loving youth in J-K

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], November 21 (ANI): Motorsport activities in Jammu and Kashmir are in full swing. The youth are looking forward to motorsports like car racing, snow car racing, rallying, etc that involve adventure, thrill and elimination of stress.

The Department of Tourism of Jammu and Kashmir and other non-governmental organizations are organizing numerous motorsport activities to attract the youth.

A number of adventure lovers from different parts of the country participated to explore the unknown destinations of the Kashmir valley.

Presently, some renowned and professional car racers made some special groups including Kashmir off Road which aimed to promote adventure sports including car racing events.

Kashmir is one of the best destinations where adventure lovers can enjoy the beautiful tracks of the valley and that’s why energetic youths are always showing their interest in all adventure sports activities including mountain climbing, Water sports, trackings and motorsports.

“It is a new sport here. It is an adventure sport and today’s youth like such an activity. We felt that this kind of sport is needed here. Mainly two things, off-road adventure sport to boost tourism, and second were to promote the motorsport. The idea was that the youth were involved in this sport,” said Sajid Ali, owner of Kashmir off Road Club.

“In the last two years, we have conducted a lot of events and awareness increased. So now people are coming forward to do adventure sports, racing and rallying. Earlier there were no avenues. Now avenues have increased. People have got a platform now,” he added.

“I want the youth to come forward and be a part of off-road hills, trails trips. You will know how much thrill you will feel through this activity. It’s a good sport,” said Faraz Bazaz, a car enthusiast.

“The Kashmiri youth is really talented. They are topping IAS. When we joined the club when there were only 12 cars. But now more and more boys are joining it. It not only eliminates stress but also, the physical activities are also increased. There are natural trails here in Kashmir. Like other states spends a lot of money to make trails but we have natural trails here. We have involved national players,” said Dr Yameen, another enthusiast.

“Through this activity, we can make ourselves fit. I hope many kinds of sports activities are promoted here. We can also increase economic activity through these kinds of sports,” said Faisal Ahmad, a car racer.

“We are feeling really good. It’s a good source of entertainment also. A lot of people liked car racing and I am grateful to the people who organized this event and gave us a chance to pursue our passion. It can also become a source of income. Youth that is involved in drugs can adopt this adventure sport,” said Junaid Bhat.

Kashmir valley has huge potential for adventure tourism owing to natural trails and snow season as well as adventure sports and that’s why for the last few years government and non-government organizations are organising different events including snow car racing’s during the winter season. (ANI)

Source: Einnews

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