North Dakota agritourism program looking to expand

Have you ever wondered where your steak dinner with a side of farm-grown vegetables comes from?

Now, you can find out for yourself as North Dakota looks to expand its agritourism offerings.

The North Dakota farm and ranch community spans nearly 40 million acres and the agritourism program is looking to connect the public to every one of them.

Agritourism experiences include visits to all sorts of ag experiences ranging from pumpkin patches to bison petting farms.

Sara Otte Coleman of the North Dakota Commerce Department said this expansion will help showcase an industry she feels is not well-known to the general public.

“We really just have the small-scale operators that are offering the experience, which I think undersells what we do as a state, right? It doesn’t show how we are the most technology-driven, innovative producers in the country, in the world,” said Otte Coleman.

Both North Dakota Agritourism and the USDA say that North Dakota lead the nation in the production of more than 10 crops in 2020, including sunflowers, canola and wheat.

Otte Coleman sees this as an untapped way to attract more people to visit North Dakota.

Source: Einnews

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